A-Z of better brand language

For over a decade, we’ve supported organisations through their most challenging moments. In 2021, with our business failing, we had to turn focus to ourselves. And fast.    

Things were tough. We’d lost our brand name in a trade mark dispute, and biggest client to a change of management. Covid-19 had reduced budgets for brand language, and taken new-business lunches off the menu. Growth flat-lined, profits plummeted, and our future looked bleak. 

Faced with going bust, we opened our rainy-day fund and invested in language. Our brief was clear: understand what makes language effective and share learning in a colourful way to introduce our new brand, communicate our beliefs and ways of working, and win interesting projects. After six months of research and writing, we teamed up with designer Karina Stolf to publish the A-Z of better brand language. Packed with insight, fresh approaches, tips and language exercises, this 66-page illustrated book is the definitive guide to improving how people behind brands work with words.  

If you’re reading this beyond 2021, the A-Z started relationships and led to work. And just as we promise clients, investing in language helped transform our studio’s fortunes.