Ever wondered why the words you write aren’t having the impact you expect?

In our A-Z workshops, The Brand Language Studio’s founder Rob Self-Pierson shares insight from more than a decade of writing for and advising the world's most influential brands.

  • Learn trade secrets and shatter common myths
  • Master fresh writing approaches and techniques
  • Develop craft through varied language exercises

How do A-Z workshops work?

A-Z workshops are based on our pocket-sized book, the A-Z of better brand language. After reading the book, we ask you to choose the letters you’d like as the basis of your training.

Whether it’s H is for Honesty or P is for Play, D is for Decisiveness or O is for Offline, pick the letters you feel would most benefit your team. We’ll then go away and create a stretching, supportive and fun workshop to engage and inspire your people.

Who are A-Z workshops for?

Anybody who writes for a brand. Copywriters low on confidence, designers feeling out of their depth when asked to come up with copy, and creative directors looking to spark their team. Also, if you’re a business owner curious to know how language can help your brand, or chief exec at a global firm determined to improve your company’s most crucial messaging, we’re confident you’ll get plenty from a workshop too.

How will my team benefit
from an A-Z workshop?

Anybody you bring to a workshop will develop the confidence and craft that every good writer needs. In the words of trainees:

"A super fun and engaging workshop that took me out of the day-to-day and into exercising my writing muscles. Highly recommended for team building and personal growth."
"A-Z workshops really are a masterclass in learning how to bring yourself to your writing, guided by one of the greatest writers in the creative industry today."
"Rob provides a safe and encouraging space to explore your creative side and understanding of branding. If you take one of his classes you will come out of it richer, I assure you."

What’s the cost?

A half-day workshop (4 hours) made up of three letters is £2000+VAT for up to 12 people. A one-day workshop (6.5 hours) made up of four to five letters is £3500+VAT, again for up to 12 people. We can facilitate it in-person or virtually.

If we workshop at your offices, there’s no venue cost. If we choose to book another venue, we’ll speak to you about any extra fees.

How do I sign up?

First, email to request your copy of the A-Z, which we’ll post to you free. As you read through, note the letters you’d like us to workshop, and why. Once you’ve chosen, we’ll set up a call and go from there.

Buying the book

Not ready for a workshop but keen to read the book? You can order it from Amazon.