Improving perceptions, changing culture

Legendary ad man George Lois says ‘advertising changes the perception of everything’. We believe the same is true of a brand’s day-to-day language.

Our client Gumtree agrees with us: that what you say and how you say it affects the way people perceive you. They also appreciate how language influences company culture. With that in mind, and in response to staff hearing too many negative stories about their employer, we created a simple-to-use, personality-filled guide, packed with stats and stories that staff could share with pride, thus reshaping perceptions, boosting morale and encouraging positive associations.

The truth—around the endless efforts Gumtree puts into stopping fraud, identifying scammers, removing counterfeit goods and more—was there and plentiful, in reports, white papers, anecdotes and on partner sites. We spent six weeks identifying the common ‘myths’, collating counter stories, and writing a compelling case. 

As of December 2020, Gumtree has a rating of ‘Good’ (3.8) on Trustpilot, high above its competitor Shpock (2.1, 'Poor').