Hope and Homes for Children

Alive with hope

Orphanages harm children. Once we understood the meaning of this shocking truth, we could help our charity client to share its vital message.

Hope and Homes for Children approached us with the vision of a world in which children no longer suffer institutional care. The charity had positioned as a challenger brand, fighting against a broken system that puts pressure on parents to give up their children. While fighting for every child to feel the love and belonging of a safe family home.

Over three months, we immersed ourselves in Hope and Homes for Children. As we learned facts, stories and experiences, a voice emerged: Unapologetic, Deeply human and Alive with hope. In that voice, we wrote a rallying cry, five reasons to believe, and we captured a personality. A principle of that voice became the title of the charity’s strategy. Danny Somekh, founder of Huddle, who went on to develop Hope and Homes for Children’s visuals, said this ‘solid verbal identity made our job so much easier and more effective’.

While Julia Mazorodze, Head of Global Brand and Comms at Hope and Homes for Children, says: ‘Our language can close orphanages, hold families together and keep children safe. What Rob's helped us to do is sharpen our best tool in the high stakes fight for global child protection and care reform. Now, we’re clear and compelling and want to use the language we’ve crafted.’