Adding a splash of vibrancy

In an industry of big budgets, relentless pace and demanding deadlines, how do you build a solid brand with a human heart?

Following two years of steady growth, FourQS—a close team of quantity surveyors, cost consultants and estimators—wanted to bring something fresh to UK construction. Speaking with founder Matt McDonald, the new brand should feel vibrant, professional of course, but crucially show respect and kindness to those who dedicate themselves to projects that influence the way we all live and work.

With ‘vibrancy’ our key word and starting point, we developed a series of language exercises to focus Matt’s thinking. Holding findings up to brands inside and outside the industry, we identified and captured FourQS’s truly unique approach—in a powerful proposition, a collection of brand beliefs and benefits, and finally as web copy. Working with designer Karina Stolf, we built an identity and web presence that reflects FourQS’s positive energy, good-heartedness and professionalism.

Matt said, ‘I love the freshness, energy and potential the brand gives us. We’re having lots of great chats with people who are connecting with our identity. We’re buzzing!’