Design Week: Why I love designers

Design Week asked our founder Rob to write an article about why writers and designers should work more closely together. He very quickly came up with five reasons personal to him. When the article went viral, it became clear his sentiment was universal.

I was speaking to a fellow copywriter the other evening about my love of great designers. She couldn’t see it and wanted convincing. So, in the space of a couple of minutes, I listed and explained five reasons for my affection.

My friend smiled and said I should write a BuzzFeed-style list. "It might help you bring more writers and designers together," she said, "like you’ve always wanted to."

So, here’s the list. And here’s hoping.

Words speak more powerfully with great design

Once you’ve nailed the meaning as a writer, there’s no greater pleasure than seeing a skilled designer communicate that meaning to an audience.

They’re inspired by so much of what they see

Walking around cities and nature with a designer is an education. Rooftops, trees, drain covers, menus, raincoats. You name it, a good designer will find inspiration.

We can geek out together over type

A few years ago, I went on a guided typography/lettering walk around London. I fell in love. Now I like nothing more than talking serifs, glyphs and kerning with designers.

They read like I read

Ever since I studied English at uni, I’ve dissected books – not just for meaning, but for appearance too. Skilled designers do the same. They dig deep until they understand the look and feel of a sentence.

I learn as I go

My best friends are now graphic designers, creative directors, animators, illustrators and lettering artists. Every time we work together, I learn something that helps me write better for design.

The relationship between writer and designer can lead to beautiful art and very powerful comms. Agree? Disagree? Get in touch by email, Instagram or LinkedIn if you'd like to share your love of the other, either writers or designers.