No cam. No mic. No funny business.

A new tech product was about to hit the market. It was stylish, intuitive and packed with premium content. But there was a twist.

Yoto is a screen-free speaker for children. Using physical cards, they can pick up and play stories, poetry, podcasts and more. And make their own! When we met Yoto, it looked great but lacked a verbal identity. The CMO asked us to explore Yoto’s language possibilities: to give the brand a voice, kickstart a visual identity, and help promote the device to kids, parents and investors.

We headed straight for children’s literature, from Little Red Riding Hood to Roald Dahl. Then we spoke to parents and kids. What sort of language would appeal to them? Fresh phrases like ‘carefully connected’, ‘screen-free speaker’ and ‘no funny business’ emerged, setting a fun, playful, yet educational and trustworthy tone. 

Pentagram went on to develop Yoto’s visual identity. In 2020, Yoto was included in Time.com’s 100 Best Inventions of the Year. (Photos courtesy of Pentagram.)