Rewriting a myth

Landlord Vertus needed to promote new apartments in London’s ‘secondary business district’. To help them, we needed to rewrite a myth.

Rumour persists that Canary Wharf—famous for its skyscrapers, suits and international businesses—falls asleep at weekends. With a growing community of residents and brands from around the world, it’s no longer the case. Today, this dockside location is alive with bars, restaurants, cafés, art installations, a spa and much more, weekdays and weekends. The truth needed to be told. 

Commissioned by me&dave, we wrote ‘Living for the weekend’, a first-person feature article telling the story of our Saturday exploring the area. Conversations with local businesses, residents and a couple of security guards revealed the wonders of Canary Wharf.

Alex from me&dave told us: ‘Canary Wharf Group love the work. We’ve had some brilliant feedback.’ He asked us to write another two articles for the magazine.