Turning users into fans

What do you do when people love your product but don’t recognise your brand? carwow turned to messaging and tone of voice.

Car enthusiast James Hind created carwow to help car buyers make better buying decisions. By 2016, the platform had made car buying simpler, more convenient and transparent. Those using it loved the features, but few related the experience to the brand. With new competition emerging, carwow needed to convert users into brand advocates. James got in touch, asking how we could help build the brand through language.

We immersed ourselves in carwow, studied its evolution, audited existing brand language, analysed the competition, spoke to car buyers and dealers—all to write a clear proposition statement, and then define a tone of voice that helped carwow frame car buying as fun, easy and something you can trust in.

At the time of writing, carwow was rated 4.7/5 on Trustpilot. Over £5 billion worth of cars are bought through the business each year. The brand now operates in Germany, France and Spain—in the same characterful voice.