Bringing spaces to life

Big Screen Video had always believed they installed screens. After a workshop with us, they realised they do so much more.

In 1991, Geoff Ellery brought one of the first LED screens to South Australia. Over the next 30 years, the company he founded went on to install big screen technology across Australia and New Zealand. By 2019, BSV was poised for international growth. But the team was struggling to articulate what made their business so special.

Working with Voice Design, we ran a workshop to understand the essence of BSV’s brand. When marketing exec Hannah said ‘We bring spaces to life’, we knew where to position the business, and how the brand should speak. The website almost wrote itself.

BSV said: ‘Consistently people say [the new brand] feels authentically us. We couldn’t ask for a better response. We’ve even had leads saying they had areas that were a bit flat and bleak and they needed something—tying in perfectly with the positioning.’