Writing for better

Anglia Ruskin’s visual identity – with its emblem, the heron, standing proud alongside elegant typefaces and rich colours – was winning awards. But ARU still faced a challenge.

As popular as its visuals were, a lack of verbal identity meant ARU was struggling to articulate what it stood for as a brand, and what it offered as a university. Aware of the gap in identity, the team there spoke to pslondon, our brand and marketing partner. ps developed a core value proposition to bolster the Anglia Ruskin brand, and to help it embrace its uniqueness. They then got in touch with us for language expertise.

Sparked by the work, we created ‘Writing for better’, ARU’s tone of voice and messaging guidelines. We developed an approach to language that is Big-hearted, Powerfully positive and Gutsy, just like the people who make ARU. At its best, ARU’s brand language now makes people from all backgrounds feel loved, supported and inspired as they strive for better. 

Sally Webster, ARU’s head of marketing and brand, says: ‘We were keen to work with pslondon and TBLS to develop the university's brand, and to articulate to prospects what we stand for and what makes ARU special. We now have an authentic, stand-out brand proposition and tone of voice, and as a team we enjoyed the creative process working with our agency partners.’