Partnership with AGDA

For three years running, our founder Rob toured Australia delivering Verb language workshops to members of AGDA, the Australian Graphic Design Association. We're delighted to announce that The Brand Language Studio will be partnering with AGDA this year and beyond, developing more exclusive brand language content for members. 


Following chats with AGDA President Lindsay Tucker and General Manager Danielle Molyneaux – where we've been discussing the sort of brand language content that inspires AGDA's 2,200 members – we can announce that we're creating:

Three exclusive writing workshops, based on our book the A-Z of better brand language 

A series of original articles, on all sorts of areas of brand language, from book writing to how to enjoy yourself more when you write

Our founder Rob is also discussing a very special masterclass course for AGDA, reigniting Verb's relationship with the organisation and its members. More details on that one later this year.

For now, we hope our followers based in Australia will join us in the wonderful world of brand language...

If you’re not based in Australia but like the sound of our A-Z workshops, head over to our Workshops page and send us a message.